One size doesn’t fit all. Here is how Team Statcare helped a patient get the care they deserved!

One of the most fulfilling aspects about our work at Statcare is the fact that we get to provide exceptional care to ALL of our patients, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what challenges they face.

People from every ethnic, cultural, religious, and geographical backgrounds get the same exceptional care that our team is known for!.

Conquering a Unique Challenge.

One of our patients, from Turkmenistan, had hearing impairment and only understood Russian Sign language. Our challenge was to find a way to communicate with him so we could help him. 

It took an entire team to solve the communication challenge. We needed someone who spoke Russian Sign language and converted into Russian. Then we needed someone who could  translate Russian into English and subsequently converted English into American Sign language because she knew both kinds of sign language. Our team was able to keep the patient engaged in the four-way bi-directional conversation. 

All of us felt great pride watching our patient smile and say thanks. The entire team then posed for a picture to demonstrate how people from Jamaica, Ukraine, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and India came together in NY – the ‘melting pot’ of our country!

After sharing family pictures from Turkmenistan and a few stories about the challenges of growing up there, we all shared hugs, took pictures and bid adieu.

We are sharing our small victory over a communication challenge that not only spanned continents and spoken languages, it also needed two different sign languages understood. An experience that none of us will never forget!

The Statcare Difference

W.E. C.A.R.E. is more than just our mission statement. Our commitment to work together to provide the highest quality of care is what defines Team Statcare!

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