COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me

New COVID Variant Omicron and BA.5 Update: July 14, 2022:
Same Day COVID PCR tests at Statcare detect the new COVID-19 variant Omicron and BA.5 genome sequences available in the GISAID database. Tests are available 7 days a week.

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New COVID-19 Antibody Test– Quantifies Specific Levels of Antibodies

The Omicron subvariant of COVID-19, BA.5, is now the predominant strain in the U.S. as per the CDC. It’s the most infectious strain to date and is able to evade immunity from prior COVID infections or vaccinations. The symptoms however are same as for other COVID strains. Being vaccinated helps protect you against severe disease. The CDC data that shows risk of death was four times higher for those over age 50 who had only the first booster, compared with those who had two boosters of COVID two boosters of COVID vaccines. New research shows that repeated COVID infection (asymptomatic, too) increases the risk for complications and long COVID. These include stroke, heart attack, diabetes, GI and kidney disorders and memory issues. The more the number of people infected, the more the chances for new variants to emerge. Vaccination is therefore encouraged.

The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved a COVID-19 antibody test by Kantaro Bioscience, called COVID-SeroKlir. Research says that antibodies start to decline after a period of five to six months. There are concerns that people might again get infected by the SARS COV-2 virus. These concerns forced researchers to detect how fast the antibodies are dwindling in COVID patients after recovering from it.

The previous test informs us of potential immunity with positive or negative signals. This new, improved test by Kantaro helps determine the exact levels of antibodies. It could help better understand which levels of antibodies in the human system can be considered safe. By knowing the levels of antibodies in a human system can also help in developing the vaccine.

The test monitors novel coronavirus antibodies against the two of the virus antigens. Its detection rate is greater than 98%, which is considered a success. The test has a detection limit, and this means if there are a precise number of antibodies present in a system, the test will come as positive, else, the test is negative. This test gives the titer of how many antibodies are present in numbers, helping other researchers when it comes to vaccine development.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Near Me

Knowing who has already contracted COVID-19 and recovered is critical to not only slowing the spread but preventing another severe outbreak in New York City, which has been the epicenter for the virus in the U.S. thus far. This is why a COVID-19 antibody test is a necessity, not just for New Yorkers, but for the entire country. Learn more about a COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me.

Where Can I Get The COVID-19 Antibody Test in New York?

All patients requesting these tests must register online. You may NOT walk into our facilities for any COVID-19 related visit or lab result. You will be politely asked to leave. Limiting exposure and getting seen in designated areas and tents keeps everyone safe and prevents the onset of symptoms. There are NO SHORTCUTS to safety. We, who have successfully done 120,000 tests safely since March, know better. All our locations have remained open through this pandemic without losing a single staff member. All urgent care clinics are not the same. You can trust Statcare for keeping you safe.

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Why The COVID-19 Antibody Test is Important

The test itself involves taking a small sample of your blood and examining it for the presence of specific antibodies — which are proteins in the immune system — the body produces when fighting COVID-19. If your blood does contain these antibodies, it is a clear indication that you’ve had the virus and have since recovered.

Since COVID is not detectable through a physical exam, being able to know who has had the virus while being asymptomatic is important for a few reasons. For one, doctors and nurses on the front line of the fight against coronavirus can receive the test and feel more comfortable when treating patients in an ER; knowing they won’t catch or spread the virus. It also allows us to get back to normalcy quicker. For example, if we know a large portion of the population has had COVID-19 in their medical history and recovered, we can feel confident sending that particular group back to work and into the public.

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COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me – Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are paying for the coronavirus tests yourself:

The cost of the COVID-19 PCR Test for “diagnosing infection” is $125 (visit fee)+ $25 (collection fee)+ $95 (PCR Test – the BEST test; all other “rapid tests” need this FINAL test)

The cost of the IgG Antibody Test to “confirm past exposure” is $125 (visit fee)+ $25 (collection fee)+ $50 (Antibody Test)

A test that examines a small sample of your blood to detect proteins in the immune system known as antibodies. The presence of these antibodies in the body is a clear indicator of someone who has had COVID-19 and recovered.

No. The COVID-19 test and the antibody test differ in a few ways. For one, the COVID-19 diagnostic testing typically involves taking a nasal swab (from your nose and mouth) while the antibody test involves blood draw and a serology test.

Positive test results from a diagnostic testing means you have COVID-19. But if you tested positive after an antibody test, it means you may have had the virus and your body produced antibodies to fight it.

Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care now offer antibody test in 7 locations throughout New York.