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CDL Medical Exams done daily!

DOT Physical and CDL Medical Examiner’s Certificate in NYC

Statcare’s all-inclusive Special DOT Medical Exam includes your vision check and urine test at the time of the DOT medical examiner visit at ANY of our five locations in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Long Island. All 7 days a week! Statcare is one of the oldest facilities doing DOT physicals for several large trucking companies.

Statcare has almost a dozen NRCME-certified (National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners) DOT medical examiners that perform DOT physicals and give you a DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate and a CDL Card 7 days a week. Our low price includes the Vision Test, Hearing Test, and Urine Testing.

Statcare does not test for drugs for issuing you a Medical Certificate. If your employer requires it or you specifically need Urine Drug Screens, please ask our staff as there are a separate charge and a special specimen collection procedure for doing that.FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations have made it more difficult to get or renew your CDL Card. There will be an additional $10 charge for federal reporting. Don’t let your DOT CDL Medical Card expire!

DOT Medical Exam $85
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Why Choose Statcare for Your Dot Physical Exam?

1. Statcare is open late every day. En español

2. Statcare does DOT Physical Exams all 7 Days a week incl. Sat., Sun. & all Holidays

3. Statcare offices are located near Subway, LIRR & Bus Stops

4. Statcare does not require you to have an appointment. Just walk-in!

5. Statcare reminds you before your next CDL renewal is up

6. Statcare’s DOT Medical Examiners submit your certification to the FMCSA while you are still in the office

7. Statcare’s DOT Medical Examiners submit your certification to NYS DMV as well. Save a trip to the DMV.

8. Statcare does CDL Medical Exams for large trucking companies. Avoid risking your CDL license. Come to the experts!

9. Statcare price includes Audiometry and other things if you need special testing to pass. No hidden charges!

10. Statcare’s DOT Medical Examiners can provide a certified laminated CDL Card if you want one.

Statcare DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificates are valid in all 50 states. Get yours today!

A CDL Medical Exam (DOT En Español) by a DOT Medical Examiner is not part of your health insurance benefit. Call your health insurance to find out before becoming a victim of healthcare fraud.  Read our blog, “what a dot physical consists of” to learn more. Don’t forget to read our CDL Driver safety tips “11 Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving” ! For DOT Physical Exam Requirements, learn about DOT Physical Exam Requirements.

Statcare opens weekdays at 8 AM in all locations. Call us and book your visit now! Call (917) 877-8295.

Statcare’s medical examiner performs US DOT CDL medical exams and gives the medical examiner’s certificate and CDL card for:

  • New York State Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for truck drivers driving commercial trucks compliant with US DOT medical examination regulations
  • Renewal of existing NYS Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

This is a Federal administrative visit related to employment; Statcare cannot accept your health insurance for a DOT medical exam. Insurance fraud is a federal offense. If in doubt, call your insurance company or the FMCSA

Our DOT medical examiner sees truck drivers at our walk-in centers in  Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); the Bronx at E. 174th Street; Jackson Heights, the Queen; Midtown Manhattan in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens.

Come to Statcare for all your emergent care, urgent care, and medical needs, including physicals and vaccinations.

We are open 365 days a year, including weekends and all holidays!

Statcare serves the Long Island residents of Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, and Brooklyn, as well as the Bronx in NYC. If you have any questions about any conditions we treat or services we offer, call (917) 310-3371 today.

DOT Physical & CDL Exam Service & Hours

Statcare opens at 8 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on weekends. Statcare is open all 7 days a week. Statcare closes at 9 PM in Brooklyn and 8 PM in other locations on weekdays. Statcare is open until 5 PM on weekends and 3 PM on holidays.

Come in at least one hour before closing time, as the CDL medical exam does take 30-40 minutes to complete.

Why wait? Just walk in today at any of our locations and get your DOT CDL card!

Our DOT medical examiner performs your vision check, hearing test, and urine test at the time of the DOT medical exam visit at no extra cost.

You may not use your health insurance for a DOT exam. Credit and debit cards are accepted. Cash is accepted at all locations. No personal checks. For other services, if you have health insurance, Statcare accepts all major plans.