Free COVID-19 Antibody Testing Near Me

New COVID Variant Omicron and BA.5 Update: July 14, 2022:
Same Day COVID PCR tests at Statcare detect the new COVID-19 variant Omicron and BA.5 genome sequences available in the GISAID database. Tests are available 7 days a week.

Free COVID-19 Antibody Testing in NYC

The Omicron subvariant of COVID-19, BA.5, is now the predominant strain in the U.S. as per the CDC. It’s the most infectious strain to date and is able to evade immunity from prior COVID infections or vaccinations. The symptoms however are same as for other COVID strains. Being vaccinated helps protect you against severe disease. The CDC data that shows risk of death was four times higher for those over age 50 who had only the first booster, compared with those who had two boosters of COVID two boosters of COVID vaccines. New research shows that repeated COVID infection (asymptomatic, too) increases the risk for complications and long COVID. These include stroke, heart attack, diabetes, GI and kidney disorders and memory issues. The more the number of people infected, the more the chances for new variants to emerge. Vaccination is therefore encouraged.

Knowing who has already contracted COVID-19 and recovered is critical to not only slowing the spread, but preventing another severe outbreak in the New York State, which has been the epicenter for the virus in the U.S. thus far. This is why a COVID-19 antibody test is a necessity, not just for New Yorkers, but for the entire country.

Currently, in public health facilities, NYC health hospitals, and any testing site operated by local governments, private companies, and non-profit organizations, there are no antibody tests available yet. These specific tests look for antibodies against the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 or check for neutralizing antibodies against the spike protein of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease.

Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care is now offering free COVID-19 Antibody Testing for the uninsured. It is the same test being done for people with insurance as well. These tests find out if you have IgG Antibody – the antibody that shows past exposure from a coronavirus infection.

We have coronavirus testing clinics in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Long Island. Don’t hesitate to ask about the fees associated with your test.

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Where Can I Get Free COVID-19 Antibody Test in New York?

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All patients requesting these IgG Antibody Testing for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can register online or walk into our facilities. The diagnostic test is done in designated areas and tents outside our offices. All customers need to be wearing masks to be seen at all our facilities. We request that you observe safe social distancing at check-ins even though there are plexiglass screens.

At Statcare, we have successfully performed 120,000 COVID-19 tests in NYC safely since last week of February. All of our urgent care locations in NYC have remained open through this pandemic and experience matters when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

How To Make Appointments For All Types Of Visits:

         Remember to pick the NEXT available appointment


Please note: The Rapid bedside test requires a nasal swab and results are available in 15-20 minutes. All other swabs and blood tests are sent to a reference lab. Their turnaround time varies from 2 to 7 days. However, when they are in full testing capacity, processing specimens during the pandemic, they tend to run out of reagents and the turnaround time then becomes as long as 10-14 days for all labs regardless of where you get tried in New York.

Only hospitals are likely to have predictable and better turnarounds. The lab result situation is unpredictable and outside of anyone’s control. We hope you understand. As soon as the lab releases the results, you will get a notification in your Healow App on your phone. Please make sure to download the Healow App from the app store or google play store. Our practise code is “WECARE”

Please know that the safety of our staff is our priority. We have strict sanitation processes that need to be completed between visits. Disinfection with wipes and sprays needs to be done between patients in isolation rooms. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call to set an appointment with one of our online doctors.

Please be patient. Expect delays. We prioritize safety over speed. Process over expediency.

Thank you.

Statcare Team

Why The COVID-19 Antibody Test is Important

The test itself involves taking a small sample of your blood and examining it for the presence of specific antibodies — which are proteins in the immune system — the body produces when fighting COVID-19. If your blood does contain these antibodies, it is a clear indication that you have an infection by the coronavirus species previously.

Please remember that this test cannot tell you whether you are immune to COVID-19, even if the result is positive. A negative test does not mean that you have not been exposed to or are currently infected with COVID-19. As per NY State law, this test cannot be used by schools, employers, or providers to permit or deny return to work by employees, faculty or students. Everyone needs to continue to practice social distancing at 6 feet, wear face- masks, and take all the recommended precautions advised by the NYSDOH and the CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our state.


FREE COVID-19 Antibody Testing Near Me – Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are testing everyone. Just bring a legal form of identification driver’s license or passport.

A test that examines a small sample of your blood to detect proteins in the immune system known as antibodies. The presence of these antibodies in the body is a clear indicator of someone who has had COVID-19 and recovered.

No. The COVID-19 test and the antibody test differ in a few ways. For one, the COVID-19 test typically involves taking a DNA swab (from your nose and mouth) while the antibody test uses a small sample of your blood.

Rather than examining the body for the virus, the antibody test looks for specific antibodies that are only prevalent in those who have had COVID-19 already and have fully recovered.

Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care now offers FREE COVID-19 antibody testing near me in 8 urgent care locations throughout New York. We have COVID testing clinics in  Brooklyn,  Queens,  Bronx, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Turnaround time for test results can vary per patient. Learn More Here.