Preoperative Evaluation In New York

Preoperative Evaluation In New York

At Statcare Urgent & Walk-in Medical Care, we offer pre-operative evaluation medical clearance exams to ensure that there are zero to minimal risk factors involved and that your body is ready to undergo surgery.

When you walk-in for your pre-op care conveniently, you will be seen by our experienced and professional health care team. They will give you your physical exam and evaluate your medical history to make sure that you are ready for your operation.

We have five clinics in New York for you to choose from, all near MTA subway and LIRR train stations. There is no need to make an appointment for your preoperative evaluation, just walk on in during the time period before your surgery to be seen within minutes. Our walk-in clinics in New York are ready for you right when you need us.

Your preoperative evaluation at Statcare includes:

  • An examination of your lungs, heart, nose, ears, and abdomen.
  • X-rays are done on-site.
  • Vital signs will be recorded; blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight.
  • Labs done at our clinic include hCG testing, urinalysis, and urine culture.
  • An electrocardiogram taken and interpreted.

Your preoperative evaluation for your low-risk surgery from Statcare Urgent & Walk-in Medical Care is an affordable way to receive the “all-clear” health information that is required for your operation. At the end of your evaluation, we send all of your patient notes and your screening information directly to your surgeon. Most lab results will be sent to your surgeon the day after your evaluation.

If your evaluation determines that you have possible risks that could affect your surgery, you will be referred to a specialist. The specialist will provide a more in-depth evaluation of your health before your operation.

Preoperative Evaluation Near Me

We have Eight locations in  Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); the Bronx at E. 174th Street; Jackson Heights, the Queen; Midtown Manhattan in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens. that are open 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. Our New York urgent care provides fast and affordable exams so that you can receive your preoperative evaluation without cost or time restraints.

Your health is our top priority. We want to ensure that you are healthy and ready to receive your low-risk surgery. At Statcare, you will receive all of the essential testing, examinations, and diagnostic procedures that provide the best overall view of your health information.

Preoperative Evaluation Physicals 

You may also schedule an appointment to receive your preoperative evaluation at Statcare by giving us a call. Get your preoperative evaluation when it’s most convenient for you. With our flexible hours and locations, we want to be here when our patients need us for any non-emergency illnesses or injuries, preventative measures such as seasonal and non-seasonal vaccines, diagnostics, exams, and preoperative evaluations.

You can walk-in to our clinic any time, from 8 AM to 8 PM weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM weekends, and 9 AM to 3 PM on holidays. Our compassionate and professional medical staff will take care of your medical needs and your before-surgery evaluation. You can feel confident that you are ready to have your surgery when you come to Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care.