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For anybody seeking a green card, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) needs a completed form i-693 (Report of medical examination and vaccination record). The purpose of the USCIS medical exam is to make sure that someone coming to live in the United States is healthy. It is important that any physical and mental illnesses have been addressed and that all mandatory immunizations have been taken in order to protect good health for the duration of their stay. Only USCIS designated Civil Surgeons or Panel Physicians are allowed to perform the immigration medical examinations for applicants. This physical examination checks if the applicant has serious medical conditions and communicable diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis. At Statcare, we have five USCIS immigration doctors who will provide you with a sealed envelope as well as a copy of the papers. Please note that the mail can only be opened by USCIS authorized personnel. There are new restrictions and several adjustments, so it’s critical that you don’t put your documents at risk. Statcare – The Immigration Experts – is a service provider you can trust. In the tri-state area, we do more immigration medical examinations and physical examinations than anybody else. We have nine sites that process form i-693 seven days a week, so all green card applicants should give us a call.

What Is a USCIS Medical Exam For?

The USCIS medical exam verifies that all immigrants are in good health and have received all vaccinations required. They will not be able to get a legitimate green card unless they undergo an adjustment of status to be a permanent resident (Form i-485) and a green card interview. This requires a complete form i-693, USCIS medical examinations. The

A USCIS certified civil surgeon must perform the i-693 medical examination on the applicant. When the immigration exam is done as part of visa processing at an overseas embassy or consulate (outside of the United States), they are referred to as Panel Physicians. And when they are located within the United States, they are referred to as Civil Surgeons. You can get more information about this at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

If you’re seeking to get a USCIS medical exam, make sure you check to see if the medical doctor is a USCIS designated civil surgeon. On the USCIS website, there is an immigration doctor locator.

The qualifications of the immigration doctor who signed your form i-693 will be checked by immigration officers. If the medical doctor was not a designated civil surgeon or if it has been over 60 days since the form i-693 has been signed, your form will be returned to you. You must redo it for resubmission.

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Everything You Need for a USCIS Medical Exam in One Place

At Statcare, we provide USCIS medical exams for $175. At all of our sites, we also provide blood tests (for USCIS TB Requirements and Syphilis Screening) and urine tests (gonorrhea test) that are necessary for the immigration medical exam. So, whether you need an immigration doctor in Queens NY, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, Statcare has an immigration doctor near you.

All urine tests, chest x-rays (if the Tb test results are positive), and blood tests are all done in one building. Patients love us for the freedom, flexibility, and cost-effective approach we put on USCIS medical exams. This test has to be done at the civil surgeon’s office – so the charge for you will be $175 if you are 15 and older since you will need an RPR test (charged additionally at $20).

Why come to Statcare for your Immigration Medical Exam?

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  1. We charge only $175 for Civil Surgeon services
  2. We have five USCIS Civil Surgeon working at nine locations
  3. We are open daily including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, up until late at night (9 pm in Brooklyn)
  4. On-site blood draw and urine collection
  5. On-site X-Rays if you need them for positive TB test results (Quantiferon test)
  6. Statcare will never bill your insurance
  7. The adjustment of status vaccination requirements varies by age. Statcare will send you to the free clinic to get all the shots you might be missing to help you save on cost. All immigration medical vaccines  (including COVID-19 vaccines) are also available on-site if you want us to give them to you.
  8. Statcare immigration doctor offices are located close to the subway, LIRR, and bus stops
  9. We are a Green Card medical exam facility that accepts appointments and walk-ins.

What to Avoid When Taking a USCIS Medical Exam?

We know that you may research a few options when looking for the place to take your USCIS medical exam, but not every facility has your best interest in mind. Here are a few red flags to look out for when you think you found a deal that might be too good to be true.

  1. Any establishment that advertises a whole flat charge for all testing (RPR, immigration gonorrhea test, USCIS TB test) and all adjustments of status vaccines.
  2. If the medical examiner requires original documents only.
  3. Immigration medical offices that do not do several USCIS medical examinations every week. The I-693 immigration form requirement is continuously changing, so you’ll want to deal with a facility that has a qualified staff that can correctly and thoroughly fill out the form.
  4. Insurance coverage for USCIS medical exams is mentioned in a few places. Medical expenditures incurred as a result of your immigration status are usually not covered, and you may inquire about this with your health insurance provider.
  5. The USCIS medical exam may be completed in one or two days. It requires at least two visits since blood and urine tests can take up to 3-4 days. Any practice that completes the paperwork faster may not be employing a reputable lab or performing a bedside test.

Civil Surgeon locator shows you the immigration doctor near you through your zip code. Choose the location that best serves your needs and offers an affordable price. We have five USCIS Civil Surgeons on staff.

Notify the Authorities

Contact your state medical board or public health if you have any concerns about a doctor’s behavior or activities. Schedule an appointment with your local USCIS field office if you have questions about the immigration medical exam or the I-693.

Additional Statcare Services

We can help with services beyond a USCIS medical exam. We offer full-service urgent care services with a talented, experienced staff and minimal waiting time.