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At Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care, we offer confidential Gonorrhea testing and treatment. Our New York Urgent Care facility is available whenever you need us, making us the top choice for your health care needs. We are open late, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no need to make an appointment, just walk in at your own convenience or check-in online to receive a fast Gonorrhea test.

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What is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a common sexually-transmitted disease that is transmitted through unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex. The bacteria causes an infection in the mucous membranes of the reproductive system and infects the membranes where the sexual contact occurred.

Gonorrhea is easily spread because it often presents with no symptoms. Those with no symptoms spread the infection to others during unprotected sex due to being unaware that they are infected. Men who do have symptoms can experience painful urination, itching, and strange discharge from the penis. Women who have symptoms may experience fever, vomiting, stomach pains, painful urination, and strange vaginal discharge.

If left untreated, Gonorrhea can cause a number of serious health problems. Untreated Gonorrhea leaves you more susceptible to other STDs, including HIV. Men who are untreated can develop prostate inflammation, infertility, infection of the testicles, and urethral scarring. Untreated women may develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancy.


Gonorrhea Test Near Me

At Statcare Urgent Care & Walk-In Medical Care, we offer Gonorrhea testing using the Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA) test, which is recommended by the CDC.

The NAA is a urine test that only takes a few minutes. You provide a urine sample and then your sample is checked for Gonorrhea, with results available in two to four business days. At Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care, your health and privacy is our priority.

Gonorrhea Testing in New York follows a simple process to make your testing experience comfortable, non-invasive, confidential, and give you the peace of mind that you need.

Gonorrhea Treatment

If your test shows that you have Gonorrhea, Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care will provide you with the treatment that you need. Gonorrhea can be cured with antibiotics which will be prescribed by our experienced physicians and picked up at your pharmacy.

Once you have your results, you will talk with one of our physicians to discuss treatment. All results and consultations are confidential. Our priority is getting you healthy and maintaining your privacy.

When should I Be Tested For Gonorrhea?

If you are sexually active, you should be tested for Gonorrhea. If you are experiencing symptoms, get tested immediately. If you are not experiencing symptoms, wait two weeks after a potential exposure before seeking testing to make sure and receive the most accurate results.

It is also important to be tested for Gonorrhea if you have tested positive for Chlamydia. The two infections are often present in conjunction with one another. If you have one infection, you become more susceptible to being infected with the other. Our New York urgent care clinics offer a combination test if you would like to test for both infections at the same time.

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