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Sports Physicals Near Me at NYC

Statcare Urgent Care offers sports physicals that do not require an appointment. If your child is getting ready for sports, school, or camp, the physical is the very first step in making sure that they are fit and ready for any activity. This pre-participation physical also allows the medical staff to identify any medical condition as well as find anything in the participant’s medical history that might keep the athlete from the game.


It is required for the athlete to get their sports physical six weeks before the start of the sports activities. This schedule allows them to recover from an injury or improve their conditioning before engaging in school or sports.

State and sport-specific requirements for sports pre-participation physicals may differ. Check with your sports program coordinator about the prerequisites for being approved to play and bring any paperwork that the medical examiner will need to sign or complete. A sports physical might cost anything from $30 to $40.  For exact pricing of sports physical exams and other annual physicals, please contact a Statcare near you.

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Why Get A Sports Physical?

With millions of kids participating in sports each year, knowing that your athlete is healthy enough to compete is the first step in getting ready for the big game. A pre-participation physical examination is required by most schools and many children’s athletic leagues to guarantee that each kid is healthy enough to safely participate in his or her chosen activity.

In other circumstances, the physician may advise against participating in the sport and advise the parent and child on alternate activities the youngster may safely engage in.

Sporting organizations and institutions require sports physicals for a purpose. They encourage your children to be aware of any obstacles that may prohibit him or her from engaging in sports. Did you know that 62 percent of all sports-related injuries happen during practices rather than games? Football, basketball, and soccer are the three sports with the greatest injuries. 

With a sports physical, your healthcare professional can detect areas that are vulnerable to injury and give ideas and exercises to help you avoid future issues.

Expectations During Your Sports Physical Exam

It is important to know what transpires during a sports physical examination. The following is a broad outline of what to expect during your child’s sports physical.

Medical history discussion:

  • A history of major sickness in the family
  • Illnesses in the past and present
  • Allergies
  • Surgery and/or hospitalizations in the past
  • Injuries suffered previously
  • Prescription medications from the past and present
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Actual physical examination:

  • Taking measurements of height and weight
  • Pulse and blood pressure readings
  • Examination of the eyes
  • Take a look at the heart, lungs, and throat to see how they’re doing
  • Extensive testing of the extremities’ strength and flexibility
  • Examination of the nervous system
  • The physician will decide on any further exam items

Sports Physicals You Can Count On

At Statcare Urgent & Walk-in Medical Care, we make these tests quick and easy. Our highly-trained physicians can do the test, write out the relevant documentation, and send you on your way on the same day, even if it’s at the last minute!

Quick and easy physical examination at Statcare:

Examine your medical history

Examine all vaccines to ensure they’re current

Provide safety tips

Statcare offers a simple physical examination to see if you or your child is fit enough to engage in sports or camp activities. You’ll get a printed evaluation of the findings. Just make sure to include any required documents from your school, sports league, or camp for our clinicians to fill out and sign. 

Any essential or physical forms will be signed by our clinician. Physicals for sports and camp cost $59 for those under the age of 17. A sports physical costs $129 and is available to anybody over the age of 18.