Certain industries don’t require a lot of customer service. For example, if you order a slice of pizza, chances are the only thing you care about is whether or not it tastes good and how fast it arrives. With urgent care, the stakes are higher because your situation is more serious. If a patient comes to see an urgent care doctor, they’re either sick, injured or both. That’s why we work extra hard to deliver an exceptional experience and quality treatment at our medical centers.

At Statcare Urgent Care, we guarantee a  level of excellence when it comes to our service. If you haven’t yet experienced the Statcare difference, and you’re curious about the kind of difference our doctors are making, just read on. Explore our list of all the reasons we’re not a typical urgent care center.

See an Urgent Care Doctor on Your Time

We believe the point of urgent care is to be available no matter when you need us. People don’t get sick only during business hours, and they certainly don’t get hurt at convenient times, either. At Statcare, we make sure each of our urgent care locations are open every single day, including holidays and weekends for extended hours.

All of our locations are open:

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm (with our Brooklyn location open until 10pm)
  • Saturday – Sunday : 9am – 5pm (with our Bronx locations closing at 3pm)
  • Holidays: 9am – 3pm

Our office hours stand, no matter what. Whether there’s a major snowstorm, a big parade or the Yankees win the playoffs, our dependable staff will be working our urgent care, ready to help you if you need it. And if you don’t feel like getting out of bed or the weather is bad, you can call us for a Statcare Online Doctor visit and get treated from the comfort of your home!

Statcare’s Emergency Room Staff are experts at providing high quality efficient medical care. Once you’re here, our doctors will make sure that we don’t waste any of your time. We don’t want you sitting in the waiting room, feeling uncomfortable, when you could be home resting and recuperating. We consistently maintain short wait times for all of our patients. Don’t wait on your doctor or your prescription. Our staff will send your prescription directly to your closest pharmacy of choice, so you can start to feel better as soon as possible.

Try Statcare’s Telemedicine Services

Some people dread the urgent care waiting room. Most people think the waits are way too long and they are afraid of what other illnesses they may be exposed to while they’re there. This is why Statcare created an online urgent care service. Our telemedicine services connects you to an urgent care doctor using your laptop or smartphone. All you have to do is sign up for an appointment, and you will have the doctor’s undivided attention for as long as you need it. Don’t hassle with a commute and avoid worrying about protecting yourself from other patients’ illnesses. Just log on from the comfort of your own home and receive an excellent level of care from one of our doctors.

Need a prescription? We can do that via our online doctors! Our online doctors will send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy. Our patients love being able to l schedule time during their lunch break so they can get treatment without having to commute to an urgent care location. Just another example of how Statcare Urgent Care works to make your life easier.  

Experience Our Dedicated Staff

Doctors, and specifically urgent care doctors, sometimes may have a reputation for being short with their patients due to their busy schedules. Statcare Urgent Care takes pride in listening to and treating the people who come to us for help. We aren’t here to rush you in and out. We make efficient use of your time while also making you feel welcome to sit and ask as many questions as you like. Check out the thousands of 5-star reviews our customers have left us.

Our doctors understand that being sick or injured can be a helpless feeling and the last thing you need is a  doctor brushing off your concerns. That’s why our staff is trained to be polite, thorough and kind to everyone who comes into our urgent care (and those who use our telemedicine services). Experience the difference a kind, patient-doctor can make and visit Statcare Urgent Care the next time you’ve got a health concern.

Treat Your Whole Family at Our Urgent Care

Statcare Urgent Care offers excellent pediatric urgent care services as well. We don’t just cater to adults. Our doctors can treat your child when they aren’t able to see their regular pediatrician.

In fact, some of our most frequent patients are children. Between school, work and finding childcare if you have multiple children, finding time for the pediatrician can seem impossible. Our extended hours and convenient locations mean that you don’t have to take extra time off work or wait until the morning to get excellent pediatric care.

If, for some reason, we don’t have the correct equipment to treat your child, we are happy to refer them to a specialist who can give them the level of care they need. Don’t waste extra time or money with an emergency room visit. Bring your child into Statcare Urgent Care and we will make sure they are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Get More Services at Statcare


At each of our Statcare locations, we offer more than just urgent care. Our doctors are trained to also perform the following services:

  • Complete a DOT physical
  • STD Testing & Gyn Exams
  • Test for concussions and other head injuries
  • Administer vaccines, including those for travel
  • Complete the Immigration Medical Exam
  • Complete school and other sports physicals
  • Test your vision and hearing
  • Treat work injuries & car accident injuries

With Statcare, you’re not just getting the standard; you’re getting exceptional service. Plus, we’ll offer you the best, most affordable treatment plan if you require one.

Our patients particularly appreciate using our urgent care locations to do their STD testing. Other centers sometimes make it obvious when  a patient is being tested for STDs, which can be embarrassing. When you come to Statcare Urgent Care, no one has to know why you’re there. We will be discreet, professional and helpful the entire length of your visit. Get the full lab work, plus treatment and prescriptions all at one location without the humiliation normally associated with STD testing.

An Affordable Urgent Care Option

Urgent care is often the most affordable option when you have a medical concern. A single trip to the emergency room can be thousands of dollars, even if you have insurance. At Statcare Urgent Care, we make sure you get excellent care at an affordable price.  Check out Statcare’s transparent pricing which is unique in the industry. Avoid the emergency room and save money. Also, Statcare does not participate in out-of-network billing.

Our locations accept almost all major insurance providers so that you can get the treatment you need without worrying about how much it will cost you out of pocket. Generally, for no more than the cost of your co-pay, you will receive top quality care and treatment. But more than that, our team works hard to keep the prices down for services not covered by insurance. We try to offer special pricing as often as we can so that people who need a DOT physical or STD testing can afford to take care of themselves without adding a gigantic bill to their monthly budget.

If you’re worried about cost, just call in to one of our locations. Our staff will work with you to figure out whether your insurance covers a visit and how we can make it affordable for you and your family.

Get Urgent Care in Your Neighborhood

Statcare Urgent Care locations are convenient for you, regardless of where you’re located in New York City. Each of our five urgent care centers, located in Hicksville, Astoria, The Bronx and Brooklyn, are picked with you in mind. They are all within a few blocks of a train or a bus station, so you won’t have to brave the elements outside when you’re feeling your worst. Plus, you always have the option of trying our telemedicine services so you don’t even have to leave your house!

Treatment that Lasts Beyond Urgent Care

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you visit one of our doctors, your care doesn’t end when you walk out of the urgent care doors. We believe in follow through. That means checking up on you, making sure your prescription is working, as well as offering you resources and treatment plans if there is no medicine available to help with your issue. We’ll even reach out when it’s time to make your next appointment if you come in for your CDL medical exam. Taking care of our patients is more than shuffling people in and out of the waiting room. To us, it means seeing that you return to your healthy, vibrant self as soon as possible.

If you’re still not convinced, we encourage you to come see for yourself! Visit one of our urgent care locations (or try out our online doctor). We guarantee you’ll know the difference as soon as you walk in the door.

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