PPD Testing at Statcare Urgent Care

PPD Testing skin test for tuberculosis (TB) is available at Statcare seven days a week as a walk-in or by appointment service. All our clinics all over New York City offer PPD testing for an affordable price!Locate a Statcare near you and have the test administered by a physician to make sure that you get it right. In our FAQs, you’ll find answers to all of your questions about the importance of TB skin testing.

Why do I need to get a PPD skin test?

If you work in the medical field or you are a health worker, you should avail of a PPD skin test at Statcare. All healthcare professionals must be tested for tuberculosis on a regular basis. PPD test is also required if you have a weak immune system because of drugs and other illnesses like cancer or HIV. 

Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infectious disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tuberculosis is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, after only HIV and AIDS. In the United States, however, the illness is rather uncommon, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The majority of persons infected with tuberculosis in the United States exhibit no signs or symptoms.

There are two types of TB: Latent and Active. Latent TB means a person has been infected with the bacteria that cause TB but the body is able to keep it under control. Getting yourself checked regularly is important and the affordable rates at Statcare will make it easier for you. Visit the nearest Statcare urgent care clinic in your area and get tested for TB now.

PPD Testing procedure and results

Administered by Statcare’s PPD testing experts (urgent care physician), you will be swabbed with alcohol in your inner forearm. A tiny injection containing PPD will then be injected beneath your skin’s top layer. You will feel a little sting but this will eventually subside. A lump or tiny welt will appear, which should disappear within a few hours.

It is important that you come back to Statcare Urgent Care Walk-in within 48 to 72 hours. To know if you’ve had a response to the PPD, our physician at Statcare will examine the region where you had the injection. If you’ve had a previous positive PPD test and are having the test again, there’s a very tiny chance you’ll get significant redness and swelling on your arm.

​​The test findings are negative if:

  • The region of skin where you received the PPD injection isn’t inflamed or is very mildly swollen 48 to 72 hours following the injection. 
  • Negative reactions indicate that you have not been infected with the bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

A small reaction at the site of the test (5 to 9 millimeters of firm swelling) is a positive test result in people:

  • Who take steroids
  • Who have HIV
  • Who have received an organ transplant
  • Who have weakened immune systems
  • Who had close contact with someone who has active TB
  • Who have changes on a chest X-ray that appear to be the result of a previous TB infection

If the test area shows larger reactions (10 mm of swelling or more), this is a positive result in people:

  • Who have had a PPD skin test in the last two years and tested positive
  • Who have pre-existing conditions
  • Who are healthcare workers
  • Who are drug users
  • Who migrated from countries with high-risk factors of TB
  • Who are 4 years old and below
  • Who live in certain group settings, such as prisons, nursing homes, and homeless shelters

What are the risks of getting a TB skin test?

Some people may have significant redness and swelling where the tuberculin protein was injected. This is more common in persons who have previously had a positive PPD test and then get the test again by accident. In persons who have never been exposed to PPD, this response to tuberculin protein is extremely uncommon.

What should I expect on my first PPD test?

If you have no prior history of the test or have had a negative PPD reading previously, then Statcare’s medical professionals will inject the tuberculin protein into your forearm skin at the first visit. Once the PPD is administered you will need to return in 48-72 hours for a follow-up visit.

At the second PPD visit, the tuberculin test reaction will be read. When you come back, inform the front desk staff that you are here for the second PPD visit and you will be fast-tracked into a room. Your PPD will be recorded right away, and you can get done in the shortest possible time.

If you have a PPD form or a physical exam form that needs to be filled out, please bring it with you. Statcare providers will fill out your forms once the PPD has been read (second PPD visit).

If you need a chest X-ray for a positive PPD reading, Statcare has an X-ray on-site at each location. We offer end-to-end PPD testing convenience at one location!

Where to get your PPD Test?

PPD testing requires two visits 48 to 72 hours apart. Statcare is open 7 days a week so you don’t have to worry if you need to have the PPD read on a weekend or a holiday.

Statcare’s location in Brooklyn is open until 9 PM on weekdays. All other locations (Bronx, Queens, and Long Island) are open until 8 PM on weekdays, 5 PM on weekends, and open on all holidays. Statcare is open 365 days a year for TB testing. There is no facility as convenient for working folks or students looking to get a PPD test for TB done.

At Statcare a PPD visit barely takes 10 minutes and when you return for a reading, it takes even less time.