COVID-19 Testing Near Me in Hicksville, New York

New COVID Variant Omicron and BA.5 Update: July 14, 2022:
Same Day COVID PCR tests at Statcare detect the new COVID-19 variant Omicron and BA.5 genome sequences available in the GISAID database. Tests are available 7 days a week.

The Omicron subvariant of COVID-19, BA.5, is now the predominant strain in the U.S. as per the CDC. It’s the most infectious strain to date and is able to evade immunity from prior COVID infections or vaccinations. The symptoms however are same as for other COVID strains. Being vaccinated helps protect you against severe disease. The CDC data that shows risk of death was four times higher for those over age 50 who had only the first booster, compared with those who had two boosters of COVID two boosters of COVID vaccines. New research shows that repeated COVID infection (asymptomatic, too) increases the risk for complications and long COVID. These include stroke, heart attack, diabetes, GI and kidney disorders and memory issues. The more the number of people infected, the more the chances for new variants to emerge. Vaccination is therefore encouraged.

Statcare knows the importance of widely available access to clean, safe, fast, and reliable COVID testing sites. Featuring touch-less registration, you can now register for your test with Statcare online. Our clean, outdoor units offer optimal air circulation and improved safety, and are now available right in your neighborhood.

COVID-19 Testing Sites Now Open In Hicksville, NY

Our new outdoor testing sites are now available to serve residents of Hicksville, and the greater Nassau County. Residents of Westbury, Levittown, Huntington, Farmingdale, and Garden City can find fast and convenient COVID-19 testing at our new locations. Testing is also available in Westbury, Massapequa, Bay Shore and other locations in NYC and Suffolk County.

We prioritize quick, safe, easy to access testing so you can get peace of mind without the risk of visiting a primary care office.

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Location: 195 N Broadway Hicksville NY, 11801
(Sears Parking lot)

Testing Hours:

This location is closed. Please consider one of our other locations nearby. They are open 7 days a week. 

Other Locations

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COVID-19 Testing Types Available In Hicksville

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test

Offering results in as little as 15 minutes, the Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test is the fastest way to screen for active coronavirus infections. This rapid test was approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization (EUA). Learn more about the rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test available in Hicksville.

Standard COVID-19 RT-PCR Test

Performed by collecting a nasal swab sample, the Standard RT-PCR Test is one of the most effective ways to detect a current COVID infection. Learn more about the Standard COVID-19 RT-PCR available in Hicksville.

COVID-19 Antibody Test

If you are looking to identify a previous exposure of infection from coronavirus, a COVID-19 Antibody Test can help. By checking for the presence of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Antibody, this test uses a blood sample to identify previous exposure to COVID-19, even if the infection was asymptomatic. Learn more about the COVID-19 Antibody Test available in Hicksville.

Finding a COVID Clinic or Statcare Urgent Care Near Me

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of one of our brand new outdoor testing sites, or are looking to visit a physical clinic, Statcare Urgent Care is standing by to provide you the most comprehensive care possible.

All of our COVID-19 testing efforts are organized with strict compliance to FDA, WHO, and CDC guidance. As of December, Statcare had already arranged and carried out over 120,000 COVID-19 tests in New York. Expanding our testing efforts throughout New York parking lots has allowed Statcare to further expand their reach into communities across the state.

These pop up COVID clinics reduce in-clinic crowding, wait times, and allow you to feel comfortable in open air circulation. If you suspect you may have symptoms of COVID-19, visit the CDC website to find out more.

Help us in our mission to slow the spread of COVID-19 in New York by booking your test today. With local sites built to serve your neighborhood, reliable and safe testing is never far away. Statcare is accepting walk-ins, or register below to be seen even quicker.

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