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Complete 10-Panel STD Test In New York

Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care offers a complete STD panel for patients in New York. No appointment is necessary. Our convenient medical care clinics are available for you when you need us. We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Walk-in to any of our five New York urgent care locations for your Complete STD Panel.

100% Confidential STD Testing

Your Personal Information Stays Safe & Secure

Same Day STD Testing Available, No Wait & No Appointment Needed

Five STD walk-in clinics in Long Island, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn

Our 10 panel STD test costs $245 and is the most affordable test in New York. At Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care, your health and privacy are our priority. Just walk into any of our clinics or get tested within minutes by using our online check-in or by giving us a call.

Come to Statcare for all your emergent care, urgent care, and medical needs, including physicals and vaccinations.
We are open 365 days a year, including weekends and all holidays!

Statcare serves the Long Island residents of Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as the Bronx in NYC. If you have any questions about any conditions we treat or services we offer, call (917) 310-3371 today.

Getting A 10-Panel STD Test For 10 Common STDS

Sexually transmitted diseases are very common and easily spread. Unfortunately, there are sexually transmitted infections that often do not show any symptoms, which makes people much more likely to spread them to their sex partners. It is likely for a person to have both chlamydia and gonorrhea at the same time without knowing it.

Why get tested for one at a Planned Parenthood, a local health center, or at a costly private STD health care clinic when you can get tested for all ten common STDs at Statcare?

Our New York Urgent Care clinics provide a complete 10 test panel STD to be completed at your convenience. The complete STD panel includes testing for the 10 most common types of STDS.

Herpes 1/2, IgM
HIV 1/2, 4th generation
Hepatitis BS Antigen
Hepatitis C Antibody

Receiving comprehensive testing for all ten of these STDs will help you rest easy. Get a full look at your health and receive the treatment that you need for any STDs that you may have. At Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care, you get tested and treated in one visit.

In this simple, five-minute process, you only need to walk in into any of our five New York testing centers or check-in online. Our complete STD Test in New York involves blood and urine tests, with test results ready in just 1-2 days. Our professional medical physicians will provide you with a consultation to discuss your results and discuss suitable treatment options covered by your health insurance plan. We also accept all major debit and credit cards.

Get 10 Panel STD Test Only $245

-10 Lab Test
-Includes Visit Cost
-Results available online via a secure portal.

Terms & Conditions: Must have a coupon at the time of the visit. May not be combined with any other offers or insurance. (Only Self-Pay Patients)

Offer Expires on 12/31/2019

Should I get a Complete STD Panel?

If you are sexually active and have had unprotected sex, you should receive a complete STD panel immediately. Since STDs often do not have any symptoms, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will infect others.

Be aware that you can contract an STD through sexual activity, as well as drug use, and any contact with infected blood. Take the necessary measures to ensure your health and the health of your sexual partners. Our 10-test panel is the best way to discover if you are infected with one or more STDs and to begin immediate treatment.


STD Treatment In New York

If you test positive for one or more STDs, our medical physicians at Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care will provide you with the treatment that you need. Many STDs can be cured with antibiotics that your Statcare doctor will prescribe for you.

Other STDs such as Hepatitis and HIV have no cure but can be managed with an appropriate treatment plan such as antiviral therapies. Your Statcare physicians will help you to develop a treatment plan that you need in order to bring you to a place of health. Regular monitoring will be required.


Receive Your Complete STD Panel Test At Statcare

We are open late 7 days a week, including weekdays and holidays, and have 5 convenient and comfortable New York locations to serve you. Our services are fast, affordable, and confidential. When you decide that the time is right for your complete STD panel, you don’t need to go through the hassle and wait of making an appointment. For a quick test and peace of mind, all you have to do is walk in whenever you are ready.


How do I access my results?

You can view your lab results on the Patient Portal. Lab results are reviewed within 24 hours once available from the lab. You can also download the Healow App on your smartphone and view your lab results on your cellphone.