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Statcare Urgent Care walk in clinic offers comprehensive medical care 365 days a year in Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); the Bronx at E. 174th Street; Jackson Heights, the Queen; Midtown Manhattan in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens.
No appointment is necessary and you’ll only wait minutes to be seen. You can call ahead at (917) 310-3371 and let us know you’re on the way or you can check in online.

Statcare is more than just another urgent care. Whether you want STD Testing or are looking for an Immigration doctor or a DOT Medical Examiner, Statcare has you and your family covered. Whether you have medical problems, need vaccines or have a work related injury or a car accident related injury, Statcare providers will treat you when other urgent care centers will not. Statcare accepts Managed Medicaid plans as well while others don’t. Statcare has many certifications and unique cutting edge programs – one of the newest ones is the Concussion testing and head injury EEG Testing programs. Check out our latest offer!

Visit us and discover why Statcare is your best choice for urgent care and walk-in medical care in New York City!

PPD TB Test / Two-step PPD

At Statcare Urgent Care, we perform PPD Testing and 2-Step PPD Tests for tuberculosis on a walk-in basis, all 7 days a week. We do more PPD Tests than anyone in NYC or Long Island. Find a Statcare For PPD Test near you. In our FAQ’s you will find answers to all questions re: PPD Test and 2-Step PPD Test.

STD Screening


Worker’s Compensation

Statcare sees Workers Comp and No Fault cases. We specialize in accessible value-driven and coordinated workers’ comp injury services through appropriate, cost-effective care focused on return-to-work strategies for injured employees.

Head Injury & Concussion Testing

  • Head Injury & Concussion Testing
  • Concussion Testing for people with head injuries at work or in a motor car accident using Brainscope.
  • Concussion Testing for people with head injuries playing sports (children over 7 yrs playing soccer, football, basketball) using SportGait . We also can do Brain physicals for athletes to get their baseline brain function. This can be part of a sports physical or camp physical and is 50/- and not covered by insurance.
  • Concussion Test EEG

Other Services

  • Suboxone and Sublocade treatment to help people get off opiate (percocet, oxycodone, heroin etc.) addiction
  • Online Doctor visits for medical problems that can be treated at home instead of having the patient to come in for an office visit. We use a secure network and patients can use their phones, ipad and computer to complete their televisit.
  • Refills for Hormone Replacement Therapy or Blood pressure or Diabetes pills
  • Drawing blood tests and sending the blood to a lab.
  • We also do Strep and flu tests, pregnancy tests, drug tests, HIV tests, and tests for mono at our locations.

No Fault

Statcare treats injuries that happen inside a car. They get billed under No Fault claim