New Patients

If this is your first visit to Statcare Urgent Care walk in center, please read the FAQs for answers to some common questions. Statcare is at Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); the Bronx at E. 174th Street; Jackson Heights, the Queen; Midtown Manhattan in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens.

And remember, Statcare is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, so you can walk in and be seen within minutes!

FAQs for New Walk-in Patients


No. At Statcare, you never need an appointment. Statcare is a walk in medical care facility. Come in and be seen anytime you like during our business hours. We are open 7 days a week. We have never closed a single day in the years we have been open.

Yes. We are a certified urgent care center and provide a wide of services from routine medical care to urgent and emergent medical care. We treat coughs and colds as efficiently as a broken bone or a cut that needs stitches.

Statcare is a walk in facility that provides convenient access to medical care when you need it most. We are in-network as a certified urgent care clinic with GHI, HIP, Emblem Health, Aetna, Cigna, Oxford, United, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and more. So your visit to us is always covered under these plans. We do not need a referral from your regular doctor (PCP) since we are in-network as an urgent care center with these plans.

We bill your insurance. Most insurance plans have a co-pay for urgent care. It would be listed on your insurance card. We can look it up for you online when you come in to see us. If you have a deductible, you will be responsible for it. We accept cash and credit card payments. No checks please.

Yes, absolutely. We see patients without health insurance and accept cash or credit at the time of the visit.

Patients are usually seen on a first-come, first-served basis. You can walk in and be seen now! If you are busy this minute, you could come in later when you have more time. After all, we’re open until 8 pm on weekdays at all locations, and until 10 pm on weekdays in Brooklyn.

We have locations in  Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); the Bronx at E. 174th Street; Jackson Heights, the Queen; Midtown Manhattan in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens. We are a small family-owned and -operated business. We have no investors to worry about, which leaves us free to focus on what we do best.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide. Not only do our patients come from Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, but also from NYC, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Word-of-mouth and friend-and-family referrals are our primary source of new patients. If you come to us, you will never want to go somewhere else.

Every business is run differently. Long wait times are a well-known problem with medical practices, especially in Queens and Long Island. Some 23% of patients say they waited six or more days to see their physician the last time they were sick and needed to see a doctor, according to a 2008 survey by the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that promotes high-performing health-care systems.

There is another problem with Long Island medical groups and multispecialty practices, especially those focused on volume rather than quality or service. They seem to operate around the paradigm: “Protect today, push work to tomorrow.”

At Statcare Urgent Care, we turn this paradigm on its head: “To protect your tomorrow, we pull work into today!”

So, if you are tired of long delays for medical appointments, leaving work early to race to an appointment, long delays in waiting for a call back for available walk-in appointments, waiting for hours in the medical office waiting room, or waiting to be squeezed in for a same-day walk-in appointment, then you must come and experience the timely, convenient, and efficient care we provide!

At Statcare Urgent Care, we believe that you have a right to determine the urgency of your request to be seen. We respect your desire to have access to medical care regardless of the reason you wish to be seen. We don’t think the Long Island emergency rooms are necessarily a great option for people who aren’t critically ill and could be seen in an office setting.

At Statcare, we eliminate the distinction between urgent and non-urgent same-day appointments that physicians’ offices try and spend their energies on – we simply do all of today’s work today!

Yes. All major state and national health insurance plans (see insurance list) will cover your visit with us. We are in-network with all major health insurance plans like HIP, GHI, Emblem, Cigna, Aetna, Oxford, United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. You can call your insurance plan or go to their website and look us up with one of our zip codes (11801, 11105, 10460, 10475, 11216) or our name (JPR Urgent Care/Statcare).

If you need an X-ray, we will do it at the same visit. No referrals are needed, as usually this is part of your urgent care benefit with all major insurance plans. Smaller carriers may have a different policy that we can check at the time of your visit

Yes, of course. Medicare entitles you to urgent care services under their health plan.

We understand. We live here, too. Most insurers have higher co-pays for brand name medicines. We always prescribe generics unless you specifically ask for a brand-name medicine. We usually do not prescribe “new” brand-name medicines simply because these medicines may not have been out long enough to ensure they are safe for our patients. In recent years, the number of medicines pulled off the market by the FDA has been staggering.

Statcare does not entertain pharmaceutical representatives. Statcare has strict policies regarding drug company sponsorships of lunches and events. Our office buys its own lunch! We are not obligated to prescribe the latest medicine that has arrived on the market. You can rest assured that when you come to us, we treat you the best we can.

Again, if you want a certain branded medicine because it works for you, our staff will be happy to prescribe it for you. Just ask.

It depends what medicine you need. Most of the time, we will do it for you. We do not renew pain medicines or medicines used for sleeping disorders.

Statcare is a very different medical practice. We are a modern facility oriented to consumer needs. Yet, we are a comprehensive medical practice because we are a one-stop-shop for most medical problems – from colds and coughs to cuts and fractures.

About 50 years ago, if you visited your physician, everything got done in their office. No running around from pillar to post. Then, specialization and over-specialization led to loss of skills and lack of trainers complexed this problem.

Now a traditional medical practitioner or an internist sees patients, orders tests, and refers everything to someone else. Many internists don’t do blood tests in their offices. Doing an X-ray, taking care of fractures, suturing a simple cut, lancing an abscess, or treating a burn are other examples of services that would get referred out by your PCP or primary care physician.

These medical offices may refer to other specialists within the medical group or to outside medical specialists. A primary care physician’s medical practice today has a very small footprint in terms of the services they provide.

Statcare, on the other hand, is different from these primary care practices. Everything that a primary care physician does in his or her medical practice would only constitute 15% of what Statcare providers do at our urgent care facilities. See a list of all the services we provide.

Under the HMO wave of the 1990s, you had to pick a PCP and were locked in by your insurance company to go through the gatekeeper physician at all times. That is no longer the case. HMOs and insurance plans encourage open access.

However, you may still have an insurance company that requires you to have a PCP to provide referrals, authorizations, and approvals for medicines. Depending on your insurance plan, we may be able to give you referrals just like your PCP can

We are an urgent care center, not a primary care practice or a regular internal medicine or family medicine office. We encourage our patients to keep their current medical doctor or family physician.

Statcare has excellent medical providers who run more than one medical office. Some of our physicians have an interest in women’s health, others are interested in continuity care and family medical care.

If you need to use one of our doctors as a primary care physician, you will need to discuss it with that physician in person after you have met that physician. Statcare is an urgent care facility providing urgent medical care.

When choosing your PCP or a pediatrician for your child, you might want to consider the following:

  • Is the primary care or pediatrician’s office staff friendly and helpful?
  • Is the medical office or pediatric office good about returning calls and responding to messages left by you?
  • How convenient are the office hours of the family physician, pediatrician, or internist to your schedule? Do you have to work around their schedule all the time?
  • How easy is it to reach the primary care or family physician?
  • Does the primary care doctor or pediatrician order a lot of tests?
  • Does the primary care physician or family physician refer to specialists every time you go there with a medical problem?

When you come to Statcare, we can guide you as well.

It does not mean that your provider cares less about you or your health. It is a fair question to ask your provider at your next visit. There must be a reasonable explanation for it.

What we do know is that reimbursement in health care is low compared to the amount that the medical provider has to spend with a patient. This puts a premium on volume, not on spending time with patients.

At Statcare, you are our priority. Not a stockholder, a board, or an investor. We tightly control every aspect of the quality of our service. We have monthly staff meetings and our employees are our eyes and ears. As business owners, we are directly involved in ensuring that the highest quality of service is delivered to you and your family in the most efficient manner.

Statcare is not an emergency room. We do not take care of heart attacks, strokes, or bleeding ulcers. When we do get such patients, we stabilize them and refer them to our local emergency room via 911.

Statcare is an urgent care clinic. We are more like a mini-ER, if you’d like to think of us in that light. We see everyone including patients of all pediatric age groups.

We see and treat nose bleeds, boils, cuts, fractures, and breathing problems like asthma and pneumonia. We also draw blood, drain swollen joints and perform a lot of in-office tests to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions efficiently.