DOT Medical Examiner Near Me

Find a DOT Medical Examiner Near Me

New York commercial driver’s may be familiar with the state’s DOT or Department of Transportation’s long-standing requirement for a DOT Medical Exam. This is a physical exam performed to test a CDL holder’s basic physical fitness. Prospective employees of trucking companies must pass this exam to qualify for or to maintain their commercial driver’s license or CDL.

What many may not know is that as of May 21, 2014, not just any doctor can perform a DOT physical or medical exam. To be considered legal and official, the certification must come from a NRCME-certified (National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners) DOT medical examiners.

At Statcare, we have a team of almost a dozen nationally certified examiners ready to help you 7 days a week at any of our convenient New York locations.

What is my DOT Medical Examiner looking for?

It’s normal to be nervous for any assessment, but there’s no need to worry. Your physician is assessing basic physical fitness and checking for possible issues related to heart health, joint problems, blood pressure, and other basic health indicators. A urine, vision, and hearing test will also be performed to guarantee that all drivers are safe for New York roads.  A drug test is not required.

Once your exam is complete, your DOT medical examiner will complete your report and file it federally for the low price of only $10. This means that obtaining your DOT medical exam with Statcare saves you a dreaded trip to the DMV. Thanks to our comprehensive care, you can meet New York requirements and avoid employment complications.

Highly Qualified Physicians Ready to Serve You

At Statcare, patients are our first priority. We go the distance to make sure that those in our care feel heard, and that all concerns are addressed. Our medical examiner will take the time to guide you through the process, calm any nerves, and answer any questions you may have about your CDL certification.

Because your time is valuable, booking ahead of time is not necessary. We accept walk-in appointments at any of our five locations, and have certified physicians standing by ready to provide you with the care you need.

Make The Most Of Your Visit

While our physicians are fully qualified to provide you with your DOT physical examination and certification, they are also able to address any other concerns you may have. From allergies, to sinus infections and UTIs, Statcare can help. Scheduling multiple appointments is a hassle. Our doctors are happy to discuss any other health issues you feel need attention during or at the conclusion of your CDL physical.

Don’t waste time searching high and low for a DOT certified medical examiner. Visit any of our NRCME-certified physicians at one of our five convenient locations.

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