Getting a CDL Physical Exam Near Me

If you’re a New York resident looking to pursue a commercial driver’s license (CDL), or are currently employed in a career path that requires a CDL, obtaining and keeping your commercial license can be a longer process than you might expect. Several requirements must be met, and one of these requirements is passing a physical exam often referred to as a CDL physical exam.

This medical examination is required by the state of New York, and the rest of the United States, to ensure the safety of hired drivers and others on the road. Sometimes referred to as a DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical, this medical exam reflects DOT standards, and must be passed before a commercial driver’s license is issued.

Statcare knows that New Yorkers looking for employment don’t have time to waste scheduling expensive, inaccessible exams. That’s why we’re making it easy to access your own, certified CDL Physical at any of our five New York clinics. Book your own CDL Physical at locations in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

What is a CDL Physical assessing?

A CDL Physical is assessing your physical fitness in several categories. Areas that your physician will check include blood pressure, breathing, joint, heart, and sleep problems. Conditions linked to this area must be ruled out in order to pass your DOT Physical exam. Exams are given on a pass-fail basis, and failed exams are not subject to refund.

Additionally, your medical examiner will perform a vision, hearing, and urine test to ensure that you are meeting state and national guidelines for visual and auditory performance. CDL Medical exams are standard physical assessments, and should not create cause for concern.

Is a CDL Physical Exam expensive in New York?

Statcare knows our patients are looking to access convenient, affordable healthcare they can trust. We do this better than our competitors by going the extra mile to ensure our patients can afford the care they need at a location near them.

While no DOT medical exams are covered by insurance as is the national standard, we provide competitive pricing as low as $85. On average, Statcare patients save up to $25 dollars over other clinics offering DOT exams.

Get Trusted Medical Care On Your Time

As New York’s premier urgent care service, we know our patients are busy. That’s why we offer walk-in appointments for CDL Physical exams at all of our physical locations, no appointment necessary. Simply meet with one of our DOT Certified Medical Examiners and receive the certification you need to move forward in your employment or licensing journey.

Short on time? Don’t waste time and energy scheduling multiple appointments or scheduling multiple visits to address multiple concerns. Our doctors can assess any issue at the same time as your physical, saving patients time and money and providing them with valuable peace of mind.

Statcare is open weekdays and weekends. Call us or book online to get your CDL Physical Exam done today!


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