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A potential employee will often be required by the employer to undergo drug tests, both drug and alcohol tests, and a physical examination. These are performed by health care providers who specialize in occupational medicine. The type of physical examination you get depends on whether the job involves driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

If your first day is quickly approaching, you’ll need to schedule an exam soon. Here is some practical advice about what to expect at your work physical exam.

What Is A Work Physical Exam?

A work physical exam also called a pre-employment physical exam, is similar to a regular physical exam. Employers use these exams to determine if an individual is suited for a specific job. Sometimes federal laws require physical exams for certain types of jobs. For instance, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires truck drivers to have a DOT physical exam. The purpose of this is to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. These exams help ensure that the driver has no physical or mental health conditions that would prevent them from safely operating a big rig.

Even if a physical exam is not required by a government agency, an employer can still ask you to get one. The exam can help ensure that you can safely perform your job duties. These exams protect both your employer and you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Work Physical Exams

Here are some of the questions that our customers ask most frequently about work physical exams.

Where Can I Get A Work Physical Exam?

Pre-employment physical exams are often done by urgent care clinics, like Statcare Urgent Care Bronx. Having your work physical exam at urgent care can result in a lower cost and is usually a lot more convenient, as you don’t need an appointment and you can get your results the same day, in most cases.

What Does A Work Physical Exam Consist Of?

It can be nerve-wracking thinking that your new job depends on the results of a physical exam. But, don’t worry. These exams are really stress-free. Here is what you can expect at your work physical exam.

Medical History

  • Your medical history. The doctor will ask questions about your personal medical history. They might want to know if you’ve had any surgeries or hospitalizations. They will review the medications that you currently take, as well as your past medications.
  • A review of your family’s medical history. The doctor will review your family’s medical history. Are you wondering why it matters whether or not your grandfather had heart disease or high blood pressure? This information is important because it can help doctors identify whether or not you might be more likely to have certain conditions like diabetes or heart disease. These conditions often have a genetic component.

Vital Signs

Vitals, including your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure are an important part of a work physical exam. Taking vital signs helps the doctor know more about your health. So, this information can give doctors a clue about what’s going on with your health.

Physical Exam

The actual physical is perhaps the most important part of the exam. The medical provider will listen to your heart, check your breathing and respiration, and test your reflexes.

How Much Does A Work Physical Exam Cost?

Snagging your dream job may fill your soul with joy. However, it can also empty your wallet. In between buying new interview clothes, hiring a resume writer, and paying for work physical exams, the cost of a new job can be pricey. Fortunately, you have an affordable solution when it comes to getting your work physical exam — Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic Bronx. At Urgent Care Center Bronx, the price of a work physical exam is very affordable. The prices vary depending on the type of work physical exam you need. But, we list all of our prices on our website. So, you can avoid sticker shock. We also accept many insurance plans.

Schedule your work physical exam today at Urgent Medical Care Bronx. We offer same-day appointments. Our wait times are minimal and our doctors are available 7 days a week. We have two locations in the Bronx and five in the NYC area.

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