Statcare’s new journey as Nao Medical.

For over a decade, Statcare has been a leading provider of convenient urgent care services at its walk-in centers across the New York Metro area. With nearly a dozen offices across the five boroughs, along with a fleet of mobile care sites, Statcare has provided cutting-edge healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of patients across the city and region.

Our focus has always been on providing the highest quality of patient care, available year-round, at locations within the local community. While Statcare started as a small, family-run practice, we have grown to have over 250 employees and an ever-expanding suite of patient services we provide. In the midst of our growth we’ve never lost the understanding that patient care is paramount to the experience of anyone who comes through our office doors. As a result, we constantly strive to provide the very best service and care to all of our patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for our business, causing us to need to massively scale our operations to be able to support our communities, first responders and essential workers through a tumultuous and uncertain time. We have provided over 70,000 PCR COVID tests and more than 140,000 rapid COVID tests over the last year, and facilitated more than 5000 life-saving vaccinations. This experience  has been hugely impactful on us, and has led to us exploring new ways of innovating; of building more technology into the delivery of our healthcare services; and of continuously striving to make high quality healthcare more accessible, more simple, and more convenient for our patients.

We are now entering a new stage in our growth and development as a company, and in keeping with this transformation, the Statcare leadership team is pleased to announce that the company is rebranding as Nao Medical. Nao Medical will still be providing the same high quality urgent and walk-in services, along with an expanded range of services including primary care, cardiology, psychiatry, and a focused occupational health offering.

Nao” comes from the Hindi word for “boat,” while in English the word symbolizes the present moment. We feel a connection to this sense of mindfulness towards the present moment, and helping ferry our patients from a time of stress to a moment of calm. After the Covid pandemic this past year, Nao Medical represents a renewed commitment to our patients and our community, and a new vision for what patient care can and should be.

In the coming weeks and months, Nao Medical will be opening its doors to new, state-of-the-art offices around the NY Metro area; launching a new patient experience app; and introducing its expanded range of patient services. We invite our patients and partners to our website,, and our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to follow along with our news and updates as our transition is underway!

The future of healthcare is Nao!

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