covid 19 on-site testing

COVID-19 on-site testing services are essential for American families, health care providers, and frontliners. These tests detect coronavirus and  fall under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA.

Through walk-through or drive-through sites, there is faster contact tracing amidst lockdown restrictions. It also prevents the surge of patients in hospitals, emergency rooms, and health care facilities.

The state or local health department’s website always has the latest local information on COVID-19 on-site testing services.

Why Do We Need  COVID-19 On-Site Testing Sites?

The percentage of deaths and hospitalization rate in the United States is declining. Virus transmissibility and disease severity  seems to remain stable too. Infection Fatality Ratio is only at 0.65%.

However, the death toll of more than 200,000 cannot be overlooked. And as the economy reopens,  coronavirus outbreaks are expected to rise again.

The biological and epidemiological characteristics of SARS COV-2 makes it a lethal disease for specific groups. The elderly and those with comorbidities are at a higher risk of infection.

According to data, the younger populations are likely to contribute to community transmission of COVID-19. As they return to work or go back to schools, there is increased transmission & spread.

Asymptomatic and presymptomatic patients may or may not experience coronavirus symptoms. It is vital for public health and safety to observe social distancing protocols.

It is also important to comply with temperature screenings before entering public spaces. These are usually done in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, and workplaces

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides up-to-date information on the COVID-19 pandemic on its website. This includes continuous contact tracing in states, regions, and municipalities.

More than that, COVID-19 on-site testing sites are becoming prevalent to help flatten the curve in local communities.

What to Expect at COVID-19 On-Site Testing Sites

COVID-19 on-site testing sites are called by many other names:

  • Mobile Clinics
  • Mobile Centers
  • Mobile Sites
  • Mobile Test Clinics
  • Mobile Test Centers
  • Mobile Test Sites
  • Community-Based Testing Sites
  • Community Testing Sites
  • Drive Through Testing Sites
  • Drive-Thru Testing Sites
  • Contactless Testing Centers
  • Pop-Up Testing Centers

Both COVID-19 nasal swab testing and COVID-19 antibody testing are made readily available and easily accessible here.

As coronavirus cases continue to climb upward across the country, it is imperative to provide fast, safe, and reliable testing services for urban and rural communities.

Here’s what to expect when going to COVID-19 on-site testing sites:

  1. If there is a public webpage, read about its on-site coronavirus testing information.
  2. If it is a scheduled event, inquire about available appointment dates and times.
  3. Ask if testing services are available outside of normal business hours.
  4. You may need to undergo online or phone screenings by a health professional to assess patient risk prior to on-site COVID-19 testing.
  5. Please bring your driver’s license or any photo identification as well as your medical insurance, if there’s any.
  6. If you have no Medicaid coverage, ask if you are eligible under the CARES Act.
  7. Observe a safe distance away from personnel whether wearing PPE or not.

COVID-19 On-Site Testing Near Me

Statcare is a leading test facility in New York City. Please visit any of its eight NYC testing locations:

  • Hicksville, Long Island
  • Astoria, Queens
  • Jamaica, Queens
  • Jackson Heights, Queens
  • Brooklyn, NYC
  • Bronx at Bartow Avenue in Co-op City
  • Bronx at E. 174th Street
  • Midtown Manhattan

It has performed thousands of on-site COVID-19 test services including free temperature screenings. Choose from any of the following:

  • COVID-19 Nasal Swab Tests (RT-PCR Test)
  • COVID-19 Antibody Tests
  • Rapid In-Office Diagnostic Tests

If you have no medical insurance, inquire about Free COVID-19 Antibody Testing or Uninsured COVID-19 Antibody Testing.

Statcare’s licensed medical professionals have been performing on-site coronavirus testing services for SMEs and large NYC businesses. It caters to employees of supermarkets, utility, and telephone companies. It also provides drive-through COVID-19 testing services near nursing homes, airports, and schools.

All coronavirus test results can be out in 10 to 15 minutes over its online doctor platform. Medical concerns can be discussed through Statcare’s Televisit from your home or office within the hour! If you need online prescriptions, these can be sent directly to a pharmacy near you.

Statcare also provides high quality urgent care near you. These medical services have shorter wait times than in emergency rooms. You can request for flu shots and other types of vaccinations, STD tests & STD screenings, or a telehealth appointment.

There is yet an FDA cleared or approved vaccine. Be proactive in protecting yourself and others from coronavirus. Request for more information about COVID-19 mobile testing sites from Statcare today.

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