Online doctor prescription services are music to the ears of a sick person. The last anyone wants to do is to go somewhere when they are ill.

Do you have an urgent medical condition? Do you need prescription medication or prescription refills from your local pharmacy? You might be wondering, what is the fastest way to get primary care medication?

That’s where an online doctor prescription would come in very handy. Find the best telemedicine platform right away!

A quick video call with a board-certified medical professional is a must during these days. They are authorized to provide virtual care and electronic prescriptions for sick people like you. This applies to all health problems and chronic conditions.

Yes, it is possible to get an online doctor prescription for acne cream, allergy relief, refills for Hormone Replacement Therapy, mental health medication, and more! If you seek sleep aids or medicines for pain, you need to make an appointment and be seen in person by a sleep specialist or a pain management specialist.

Are you seeking electronic prescriptions from a virtual doctor for the first time? This is a useful guide to assure you why it’s the right decision you can make for your overall well-being.

Why Opt for an Online Doctor Prescription Service?

1. Convenience

Choosing online doctor prescription services means no wait time! It is heaven-sent for any sick person.

Thanks to the wonders of electronic communication, telemedicine visits are possible today!

First, you can speak privately with the virtual doctor you chose for diagnosing and treating your condition.

Second, you can get online prescriptions right there and then.

Third, no need to schedule an appointment or make a visit to the emergency room.

This kind of virtual patient care service can save you time, effort, and money. All that’s left to do is head straight to a pharmacy of your choice. How convenient is that?

2. Accessibility

What does telemedicine service do for you? As a patient, you can get accurate health information and a proper diagnosis of your current condition. You can also request routine treatment. There’s also free advice for all general health concerns!

Imagine having easy access to all of these? No hassle of a face-to-face visit in medical centers, clinics, and other types of healthcare facilities.

Of course, a board-certified medical professional will give you legal prescription information for existing and new medication refills. You may also request a prescription for medicines with controlled substances, especially during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

This is like having a doctor visit from the comfort of your own home during your worst sick days. You never have to put up with interruptions, delays, and long waits in a busy medical clinic!

3. Risk Management

Risk-free clinical point of care is possible using online prescribing health systems. When a person visits a healthcare facility, there is a possibility of passing illnesses to others or acquiring infections from other visiting patients.

Virtual visits are ideal for cancer survivors and people with life-threatening diseases or weak immune systems are some of them. Babies, toddlers, senior citizens, and pregnant women will also benefit from online doctors!

Did you know that the United States CDC confirmed that COVID-19 can be spread by respiratory droplets? Healthcare professionals need to protect their patients from the virus without limiting doctor visits. Through telemedicine services, caring for patients is possible without endangering public health.

Online prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic is a great way to promote patient safety and minimize non-essential patient visits.

4. Customized Patient Support

In many cases, telemedicine visits are similar to actual in-person care in the doctor’s office.

You will still experience personalized medical care and guidance. Plus, you will get that much-needed electronic prescription sent to your local pharmacy.

What’s more? Get relevant referrals to specialists! Get recommendations for affordable tests and screenings from local partner labs! Whatever you need, a Televisit has got you covered.

If you suspect you might have COVID-19, your online doctor can also help guide you on getting a COVID-19 test in NYC or a free COVID-19 antibody test.

5. Utmost Privacy

Remote clinical services mean private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant audio and video electronic communication! This is comforting because you can have a quick chat or video call with your preferred physician. Even if he or she is located on a distant site, it wouldn’t be a hindrance. Whatever you get, all electronic health records in patient portals remain 100% confidential.


Is Statcare available for Online Doctor Prescription Service?

Statcare has a telemedicine platform available to anyone with internet access and living in a state that it services. Statcare’s virtual health providers are licensed in New York State and are practicing Emergency Room Professionals at one of their many NYC urgent care locations.

Do you need urgent care after hours or late at night or during the holidays? You deserve real-time online doctor prescription refill service!

An online doctor is waiting for you through this audio and video platform here. Statcare accepts most major health insurance plans. Call 917-423-7946 to get more information about our telemedicine service now!

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