Green Card Doctors

Trying to choose an immigration doctor? Here are 10 tips.

#1. Blindly choosing a doctor from the USCIS list

That list is merely a guide.  Shop around. At Statcare, we see patients from 5 States around NY!

# 2.  Using your health insurance card

Run the Green Card physical through your insurance and you just violated the law!

You see, Immigration physicals are NOT part of your health benefit. And healthcare fraud is a federal offense. At Statcare, we had a patient whose citizenship was revoked after 23 years!

#3. Looking for shortcuts

Medical conditions do not prevent you from getting a green card as long as you take care of them.  If your TB Test is positive – it’s not the end of the world! Don’t submit false information. You have worked hard to get here. Don’t mess it up, now!

#4. Complaining about the costs of a medical exam.

You probably paid the attorneys several thousand dollars and never complained about it. A civil surgeon’s visit is only a few hundred.  And this visit is about your health. Life expectancy in the US is higher for a reason. Chances are you have been working too hard and not had a chance to go to a doctor. Thus, this visit is your opportunity to maintain good health!

#5. Going to multiple places to save a dime.

Penny wise pound foolish!  Because it will scatter your information, cause aggravation and delay your paperwork.  At Statcare, we see patients with the wrong tests done elsewhere. Let the immigration experts at Statcare deal with this!

#6.  Blaming the practice for asking you to get records or tests.

The USCIS requirements are the law. Thus, if your TB screening test is positive, it is mandatory for you to get a chest X-Ray.  The civil surgeon cannot proceed without it. Don’t blame the messenger for your test results!

#7.  Blaming the practice for your vaccination requirement shortfalls.

No two countries vaccinate alike.  Therefore, many countries do not give MMR vaccine as is the standard in the USA.  So, if your vaccination record falls short, what is missing needs to be addressed.  Vaccines save lives. If you missed out on it growing up, now is the time to get them!

#8.  Going to a lab and having them bill you later

Do this and they will bill you full charges!  Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount at the lab.  Also, always settle the bill in full before you leave any lab. At Statcare, the lab charges are minimal. $10 for RPR as an example.

# 9.  Falling for a fixed price “all-inclusive” Immigration Medical Exam

Example: A flat fee of 250 dollars covers the visits, the tests and all shots. Let’s see why this is impossible to do. First, all countries vaccinate differently. A one-size fits all approach cannot work. Secondly, civil surgeons need to buy vaccines. Sterile water is cheap. Not vaccines. Call the CVS, Walgreens or Kroger near you to find out. Thirdly, tests when performed at nationally certified labs cost money. Typing your own report does not. At Statcare, we have seen everything in the last 10 years.  A flat fee is always a scam!

#10 Going to a doctor that is not busy doing immigration physicals

Guidelines evolve. Forms are revised. New tests get added. The I-693 Form itself is many pages long. The less you do, the more mistakes you make. And your package will get returned.  Having said that, there are good civil surgeons out there. Statcare has four of them!

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