How To Talk To Your Partner About STDs

It’s the talk that no one wants to have — the one about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Although it isn’t easy, STDs should be the topic of your next conversation.

There are many myths surrounding STDs, such as you have to sleep with lots of people to get an STD. This is simply not true. These myths can cause you to not get tested. However, learning about your partner’s sexual history and getting tested are ways to keep your body healthy.

STDs are more common than you think, which is why it is very important to talk about them. According to 2017 data from the New York State health department, the cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia are escalating. Sexually transmitted diseases are common public health concerns, especially among millennials. More than 50 percent of STDs occur in people younger than 26.

Surprisingly, you don’t even have to have sex with a partner to get an STD. As a matter of fact, you can get an STD through skin-to-skin genital contact.  Here are some tips to help you bring up STDs with your partner.

#1 Educate Yourself

First, read up on STDs to make sure you have the facts. Learning about STDs will help you avoid common myths and misconceptions that could derail your conversation. Learn more about reproductive health, preventing HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and family planning. View valuable information from reliable websites like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

#2 Choose The Right Setting

Pick the right place to have the talk. Don’t bring up the conversation in the middle of dinner at your favorite restaurant. Choose a quiet, calm setting where there will not be any interruptions. If possible, arrange a quiet and comfortable set-up at home. Be ready for any negative reaction and do not reciprocate. It is important to understand that not everyone will be immediately accepting or forgiving.

#3 Pick The Right Time

The earlier that you have the talk in your relationship, the better. Raising the topic while you are getting intimate in bed is not a good idea. Likewise, this is not something that you want to wait to discuss until after the condom breaks — by then it’s way too late.

Initiate the conversation early. That way, you and your partner will have time to process the information. Then, make an appointment together for STD testing.

# 4 Be Honest

Honesty is an important factor in relationships. It is the building block for a healthy partnership. So, be honest about how many partners you have been with and your sexual health.

It is not advisable to keep secrets from your partner. It will only cause problems later. If you have had an STD in the past, tell your partner. Being honest about your own history can help your partner feel comfortable sharing things with you, as well.

#5 Get Tested Together

Most STDs are curable. Treatment can help manage or minimize the symptoms of incurable STDs. Going to a health care facility, sexual health clinic, or urgent care clinic with your partner can help make the process a little easier. When a partner is supportive and encouraging about testing for HIV and STDs, it can help minimize stress and pressure.

Are you ready to get tested? Get STD results fast with testing. Schedule an appointment for your STD check in New York today. Find out how much does it cost for std testing near me, if your health insurance is accepted, if sliding scale fees are available, and if test results are given privately.

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