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Urgent Care Treatment Prices


Urgent Care TreatmentsAdditional ChargesCost-Fees
IV Fluids1000 ML Of Any IV Fluid As Needed$150.00
IV Fluid 2nd Bag1000 ML Of Any IV Fluid As Needed$25.00
IV Antibiotic DoseBroad Spectrum Antibiotic Cost. Used For Infections.$60.00
Injection For Nausea, VomitingMedicine Used To Stop And Prevent Nausea & Vomiting$25.00
Toradol InjectionToradol Injection – 30 mg$20.00
Toradol InjectionToradol Injection – 60 mg$40.00
Injection For Severe PainAnalgesic Injection For Pain. Not Habit Forming$30.00
Injectable Antacid TreatmentAntacid Therapy For Acidity And Abdominal Pain From Gastritis$30.00
Vitamin B12 InjectionVitamin B12 Injection For Vitamin Deficiency, Tiredness, Fatigue.$20.00
Nebulizer TreatmentNebulizer Treatment For Breathing Problems Like Asthma$30.00
Antibiotic Injection For STD InfectionsCDC Recommended Treatment Combination For STD’s$50.00
Splinting For FracturesSplinting Costs For All Fractures In-Office (Price Varies)$200.00