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Urgent Care Procedures Prices


Urgent Care ProceduresDescriptionCost-Fees
Eye Irrigation After Chemical or Physical TraumaWalk-In For Emergency Eye Wash After Injury$40.00
Ear Wax RemovalWalk-In For Ear Cleaning And Ear Wax Removal$60.00
Removal Of Foreign BodyWalk-In To Get Foreign Body Removed$60.00
Removal Of Vaginal Foreign BodyWalk-In To Get Vaginal Foreign Body Removed$80.00
EKG (Electrocardiogram)Walk-in Electrocardiogram For Your Heart$50.00
Wound CareWalk-In For Wound Care And Dressing Changes$50.00
Stitches For Cuts & Open Wounds (Laceration Repair)Stitches For Cuts (Prices Vary)$250.00
Suture RemovalWalk-In For Stitch Removal Or Staple Removal$50.00
Chest X-Ray (2 Views)Chest X-Ray (2 Views, Read By A Radiologist)$85.00
Any X-Ray (2 Views)Any X-Ray (2 Views, Read By A Radiologist)$85.00
Any X-Ray (3 or more Views)Any X-Ray (3 or more Views, Read By A Radiologist)$95.00
Breath Alcohol (BAC) TestingBAC Test For Employees$35.00
Ingrown Toenail RemovalSurgical Procedure For Ingrown Toenails$200.00
CauterizationIn Office Cautery Of Blood Vessels To Stop Bleeding$120.00
Epistaxis Treatment For Nasal BleedingControl Epistaxis Or Nasal Bleeding With Rhinostat$120.00
Hearing Test (Audiometry Screening)In Office Screening Test For Hearing Loss$20.00
Incision & Drainage (I&D) Of AbscessIncision & Drainage Of Abscess (Price Varies)$180.00
Burn DressingSpecialized Burn Dressings For All Skin Burns$50.00