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Urgent Care Lab Test Prices


Lab Tests Performed At Urgent CareAdditional ChargesCost-Fees
MonoSpot TestIn-Office Test Screens For Infectious Mononucleosis Infection$25.00
Urine Analysis (UA)In-Office Urine Test for Infections$25.00
Urine Culture and Sensitivity TestingA lab is able to identify the type of bacteria and it’s antibiotic sensitivity pattern$50.00
Flu Wash For Influenza A & BIn-Office Test for Influenza A & Influenza B$40.00
Strep TestIn-Office Test For Streptococcal Pharyngitis$30.00
Throat CultureA lab is able to identify the type of bacteria esp. Streptococcal as well as it’s antibiotic sensitivity pattern$25.00
10 Panel Drug TestComprehensive Routine Urine Drug Testing$75.00
Pregnancy TestScreens For Pregnancy Status$20.00
5 Panel Drug TestFocused Routine Drug Testing In Urine Sample$40.00