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Urgent Care Speciality Test Prices

Specialty Tests At Urgent CareDescriptionCost-Fees
Concussion EEG & Neurocognitive TestingBetter than CT Scan in detecting Mild Brain Injury. FDA Approved. Prevent TBI. Prevent CTE.$400.00
Brain Physical (Baseline) For Kids Playing SportsFor Kids Playing Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and More. FDA Approved. Detects even minor Brain Trauma and change from baseline. Sports Head Trauma remains the most under-diagnosed condition$50.00
Post-Sports Concussion Brain Physical$100.00
Hearing Test (Audiometry)$20.00
Fluorescein Eye Exam, Anesthetic For Eye Injury, And Foreign Body$35.00
PPD Skin Test For TBPPD Skin Test Cost For Tuberculosis (Includes 2 Visits – One for the test and one visit for the reading)$40.00
2 Step PPD Skin TestingTwo Step PPD Testing Cost includes 4 visits (If you are PPD Negative with the first PPD Testing)$80.00
HIV TestRapid HIV Test$75.00